Tyler remembers falling in love with rock ’n’ roll. As a child, he spent hours building model ships and airplanes and after being given a guitar at age 10, began paying closer attention to the classic American Rock he heard played in his home. He was hooked: Elvis, Roy Orbison, the sleek guitars, chrome-detailed cars, tube amps, the Hammond organ! Old machines and equipment spoke to him and he was driven to understand how they worked.  Likewise, when Tyler was inspired by musicians, he was always looking deeper to how their sound was created.  Guitar had stolen his heart. He played for the love of playing, in the school jazz band, garage groups, and later with local Rock original, City Zu, and various Soul, Pop, Funk and modern Mo-Town inspired groups.

He quietly worked on writing his own music, coming up with lyrics to express his own experience growing up and negotiating the uncertainties of love and the future.  He had visions of how his songs would be preformed with the sound of the vintage amplifiers and guitars he desired, but doubted he could ever possess. And, slowly, he began to build his own equipment modeled on the vintage machines he loved, researching circuits, hunting down vacuum tubes and speakers from swap meets, and soldering wires. He has refined his craft with his own touches and modern improvements and thinks he will never stop looking for the next tone to chase and capture. It is now not uncommon to see him playing  on stage through gear made entirely by his own hands.   

Tyler has become known in the local music scene as a versatile and intuitive musician, lending a comfortable and capable presence on the stage with many local artists. Tyler is currently working on an EP of his original songs to be released winter of 2018. He is continuing to make his presence around town with dreams of taking his music and band on the road.